Exceptional Performance Space Solutions

Exceptional performances demand the perfect environment. Every detail must come together to work in harmony. That’s why Wenger and J.R. Clancy offer the most complete line of advanced rigging, hoists, staging, seating, acoustics and other innovative solutions. Designed for flawless performance, our theatre products transform ordinary venues into the extraordinary.

Our standard installations are designed and crafted to deliver the highest levels of acoustic excellence, comfort and versatility. They’re also oogeruilt to last. With our leading reputation for reliability and safety earned over decades of service, you can trust our experts and our products. We understand what it takes to achieve your vision, and together we can create the ultimate performing arts venue.

  • Complete Rigging Solutions

    J.R. Clancy offers the most complete line of stage rigging and hoists. With options from simple to complex, we’ve been putting motion into […]

  • Sound-Isolation Solutions

    Our superior sound-isolation solutions are not only for music rehearsal space but keep backstage noise where it belongs – backstage. Wenger pioneered […]

  • Transcend Active Acoustic System

    Acoustic Solutions

    Perfect sound in any venue with ease using our performance-based acoustical solutions. Designed for flawless performance with state-of-the-art technologies […]

  • Orchestra Pit Fillers + Stage Extensions

    Wenger’s innovative pit fillers & stage extensions designs extend any stage flawlessly. Our integrated systems are extremely […]

  • Flexible Staging Solutions

    Wenger Flexible Staging Solutions for performing arts venues include risers, staging and platforms that are versatile, durable and easy to set up. With […]

  • Audience Seating

    Wenger offers a full-range of theatre seating options for any performing arts venue. Ergonomically designed for quiet […]

  • Performance Space Furnishings

    Wenger’s performance space furnishings and media furniture ensure perfect performances. Designed with […]

  • Training, Inspection and Maintenance

    Our thorough inspections conducted through our Train, Inspect & Maintain program (TIM™) protect your investment, ensure the […]

  • Performing Arts Catalog

    Our brand new product catalog is here! It’s available for viewing online or you can request your paper copy to be sent by mail. It’s 36 pages of great photography, information, specifications and more […]